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    At Sandblasting Houston, we offer both residential and industrial sandblasting services. With the tools and equipment that we have invested in, we are able to provide a wide array of sandblasting services to our customers in Houston.

    Don’t throw anything away before contacting our experts to find out if they are capable of resurfacing it for you. You might be surprised to learn that they can effectively handle the job that you have for them.


    Do you have something that needs resurfacing like your favorite furniture or equipment? Are you perplexed about how you will go about accomplishing this due to the capacity of the job? Why not consider having the item sandblasted. At Sandblasting Houston, our experienced sandblasters have the capability to effectively sandblast anything you like. The reason that this is such a popular way to resurface is that it is usually not as time consuming and labor-intensive as other methods. With the right tools and equipment needed for your particular sandblasting needs, our sandblasters are capable of effectively sandblasting your items.

    When we are called upon to perform your resurfacing, we will discuss the various media used to sandblast the particular item you are interested in resurfacing. You will always receive fair pricing for any type of sandblasting job that you have performed by Sandblasting Houston. Our sandblasters are so good at what they do that you'll items will look like new.

    Sandblasting Houston has been operating its sandblasting services in the Houston, TX area for more than two decades. Our sandblasting service is an insured, licensed professional sandblasting company. We always attempt to achieve the best quality of service in a timely manner and within your determined budget. Thanks to our talented team of sandblasters, we are able to exceed many of our customer's expectations.

    Our sandblaster's attention to detail is one reason our services are preferred to other sandblasting companies in Houston.

    Dustless blasting a bridge in Houston TX

    Dustless Blasting

    If you want a seamless looking job, dustless sandblasting is the preferred way to sandblast your items. This process minimizes the amount of dust that ends up on your item during the sandblasting process.

    Our sandblasters use a water-based compound, which also includes an abrasive component. This combination helps successfully remove the coating on the item. This is an affordable and effective way to resurface items.

    Soda Blasting

    Soda blasting is a popular way to restore old, dated, rusted items. This actually calls for the use of baking soda. While many people realize that baking soda is an effective way to remove minerals from surfaces, not everyone is aware of this. With specialized equipment, Sandblasting Houston is capable of effectively of effectively producing the results that you want.

    Our sandblasters are professionally trained and they have the necessary experience needed to properly mix the components that will be used.

    Sandblasting Houston
    Interior Sandblasting for a company in Houston

    Industrial Sandblasting

    If you have machinery or industrial equipment that lacks luster, allow our expert sandblasters to boost its appearance with our sandblasting service. Putting your best foot forward means having a nice looking industrial environment.

    Sandblasting Houston can greatly improve the appearance of any of your equipment.

    Boat Sandblasting

    At Sandblasting Houston, we can effectively sandblast your boats antifoul. Removing antifoul from the bottom of your boat will certainly improve the way that it runs. You could try to handle it yourself but sandblasting gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

    Our local Houston sandblasters will be happy to show you exactly how this is done. We offer the most affordable boat sandblasting in the area.

    Boat in Houston that needs blasting services
    Residential Sandblasting

    Residential Sandblasting

    With our residential sandblasting, we are able to restore any of your most precious items. It is far more practical than using sandpaper to do the job of removing any coating that is on your items. This is why many people rely on our sandblasters to refinish their items. They use the most appropriate products to achieve their objective.

    You are always able to get what you pay for with the help of our professional sandblasters in Houston, TX.

    Car Sandblasting

    When you have a classic care that you cherish, don’t think of selling it. Call Sandblasting Houston instead. Our Houston sandblasters will be able to have your old car looking like new again with our proven effective sandblasting.

    Regardless of the type of vehicle, our sandblasters have the necessary skills needed to provide you with the best job possible.

    We can make your car brand new with sandblasting!

    Contact Us For More Information

    Our professional sandblasters will be able to effectively handle any job you send their way, big or small. This is due to their level of training and experience. With professional training by experienced sandblasters, you are able to receive the level of service that you are looking for.

    Since our sandblasters have the needed expertise to handle the job, it would be in your best interest to contact us today. We’ll provide you with a written quote. Call our helpful associates today.

    Man with helmet like robot working on a bridge construction

    “I knew sandblasting could be messy. I thought that if there was no alternative until Sandblasting Houston used the dustless sandblasting method. We'll definitely use their services again because we couldn’t believe how much they were able to cut down on the amount of dust.” – Johnny S.

    Worker in protective clothes cleans the metal structures sandblasting tool

    "We have a small business and some really expensive equipment. Since our shareholders were coming to visit, we wanted to make a good impression. We relied on Sandblasting Houston to help us spruce things up. They worked wonders by removing any noticeable rust from our equipment. They are always our go-to when it comes to sandblasting services. They offer fair pricing regardless of the job.” – Paul J.

    Worker in protective equipment cleans the metal construction before painting them

    “We tried to restore a classic car on our own but what we couldn’t do is get the body of the car to look good. When someone suggested that we have the car sandblasted, we immediately assumed it would be expensive. Sandblasting Houston came and gave us a quote that was so unbelievable we had to go with them. We’re glad we did!” – Carla P.

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